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Super Bowl SEO: Who Should Optimize and Tactics To Use

  • Alyx 

As one of the most-watched annual events in the United States (and additionally popular in many other places around the world), the Super Bowl presents a unique opportunity for businesses of all types to capitalize on the enormous audience it attracts. With a staggering viewership of over 100 million people, it’s no surprise that companies would want to leverage search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to their websites during this event. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the types of companies that might want to use SEO to drive more traffic to their sites related to the Super Bowl and some strategies they can use to achieve that goal.

Types of Companies That Can Benefit from Super Bowl SEO

No matter what you sell, even if it’s just content, you can probably come up with some kind of Super Bowl tie-in. Here are a few ideas:

Sports Betting Companies: With the increasing popularity of sports betting, the Super Bowl presents an ideal opportunity for these companies to promote their services. These businesses can use SEO to increase their visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs) and attract more potential bettors to their websites. They may want to create content that provides betting tips, analysis, and predictions for the Super Bowl and each of the teams in it, and by including relevant keywords in their content, such as “Super Bowl betting” or “Super Bowl odds,” they can increase their chances of ranking high in SERPs and drive traffic to their website.

Restaurants, Food and Beverage Companies and Caterers: Super Bowl parties are a popular American tradition, and food and beverage companies can take advantage of this by promoting their products. They can optimize their website for Super Bowl-related keywords and create content that offers recipes, cooking tips, and food pairing ideas. You can also be topical – one interesting content trend we saw in this area this year was inexpensive, inflation-friendly alternatives for some pricey Super Bowl snacks. Social media platforms can also be used to promote these products, with the use of hashtags such as #SuperBowlSnacks or #GameDayDrinks.

Clothing and Apparel Companies: The Super Bowl presents an opportunity for clothing and apparel companies to promote their products. They can create content that features the latest Super Bowl-themed fashion trends, such as t-shirts, jerseys, and hats. These companies can also use SEO to optimize their website for Super Bowl-related keywords and drive traffic to their site.

Television and Streaming Services: As one of the most-watched televised events, the Super Bowl presents an opportunity for television and streaming services to promote their platforms. They can optimize their website for Super Bowl-related keywords and create content that offers viewers tips on how to stream the game live. These businesses can also use social media platforms to promote their services, with the use of hashtags such as #SuperBowlLive or #StreamTheSuperBowl. Also, companies that sell physical televisions and related audiovisual equipment can benefit from optimizations – there are plenty of people looking to upgrade their entertainment setups this time of year, whether for their own enjoyment or because they need a big screen to host a big party. Get your TV, projector and audio recommendations and deals out there.

General Content Creators: Yes, there are plenty of people out there who make content just based on random, non-purchase-related queries related to the game that people have, like “Who’s in the Super Bowl this year” or “What time does the Super Bowl start this year”. If you run a news site or collect ad impression revenue, consider researching these super general queries. You’ll need to update this content every year, so set a calendar reminder if necessary.

Winning Super Bowl SEO Strategies

If you’re new to SEO, here are a few tips for getting started finding good keywords, creating content, optimizing your site and more:

Create Super Bowl-Themed Content: To rank high in SERPs, businesses must create Super Bowl-themed content. The content should be engaging, informative, and relevant to the Super Bowl. This content can include blog posts, infographics, videos, and social media posts. By including Super Bowl-related keywords in the content, businesses can increase their chances of ranking high in SERPs and drive traffic to their website.

Optimize Your Website for Super Bowl-Related Keywords: Optimizing a website for Super Bowl-related keywords is crucial to driving traffic to the website. By including these keywords in the website’s meta descriptions, headers, and content, businesses can increase their chances of ranking high in SERPs. Whether it’s easy food ideas for the big game or audiovisual upgrades for hosting a Super Bowl party or the best place in town to watch the game, you’ll find plenty of ideas. One of the tools we like is ahrefs, but there are many others you can use to research keywords.

Build Backlinks to Your Website: Backlinks are an important and often neglected factor in SEO rankings. Build high-quality links to your site with relevant anchor text to your Super Bowl related terms. If you’re a large retailer, make someone available in your PR department to talk to reporters who are writing articles about the best place or time of year to buy a Super Bowl TV, so you can get a link from them in the content. If you sell licensed team merchandise, create and syndicate link-rich team-related content for all the teams just to make sure your bases are covered if they make it into the big event.

Utilize Social Media: Social media platforms are a great way to promote Super Bowl-themed content and engage with potential customers. Businesses can promote their content, deals and offers on social media and sprinkle in some hashtags relevant to the big event and the participating teams. In addition to generating traffic from your social audience, the posts will often be indexed in search engines and the backlinks to your site might not hurt either.

The Super Bowl only happens once a year, but the content generation and optimization can happen year-round; no matter what team you’re rooting for, we hope you have some fun creating some new, evergreen content to drive traffic to your site.