Emerging Technologies

Make Emerging Technologies a Part of your Digital Transformation

What are “emerging technologies” in marketing? The space is heavy in buzzwords – adtech, martech, fintech, chatbots, blockchain, AI, the Internet of Things, machine learning, intelligent assistants, the metaverse and so many more. It’s true that emerging technologies can improve customer engagement, personalize the customer experience and streamline your internal workflows. The challenges lie in separating the hype from the reality, and applying the truly useful technology to your business.

We help companies implement emerging technologies that make a difference to their business:

  • Design and implementation of chatbots (intelligent agents) for lead generation, qualifying leads, customer service and customer engagement
  • Marketing automation solutions that intelligently nurture leads and identify highest-value prospects
  • Machine-learning-based solutions for online ad management and ad copy optimization
  • Voice applications for customer engagement (e.g., Amazon Alexa)
  • Optimization for alternatives to search engines, like Google Maps
  • Strategies for leveraging data from every touchpoint and integrating online/in-store data to improve customer experience

Ready to get past the hype and find ways that emerging technologies can help you support your customers? Contact us today.

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