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case study - BLUEWORX

Acquire and Relaunch - In Stealth Mode

Blueworx’ mission was to help companies create significantly better customer experiences that resulted in long-term loyalty while driving immediate operational efficiencies.  Formerly a division of IBM, it was acquired by Waterfield Technologies along with WebSphere Voice Response, Unified Messaging for WebSphere Voice Response, and the WebSphere Voice Toolkit from IBM. Waterfield needed to acquire and relaunch the brand, while not alerting employees or the marketplace about the acquisition prior to the market. 

Client Need: Launching an acquisition into a standalone company

After obtaining information from the acquirer and acquiree, our team created comprehensive, actionable 30-60-90-120-180 day plans for communicating the brand relaunch to internal employees, current customers and the marketplace. 

Our Approach: Rebranding, awareness and outreach

We provided an extensive suite of services for BlueWorx in addition to launch plans, central to which were several key deliverables. This included working to finalize the name, design a unique logo, and formulate brand guidelines and social media appearances, followed by design and launch of a new, optimized website. In the realm of sales readiness, we created a positioning document, emphasized key messaging, and highlighted distinct advantages. We bolstered internal employee communications, created a detailed analyst outreach program and crafted external customer communications.  We also laid the groundwork for a CRM integration with Salesforce, ensuring seamless sales processes and effective customer management.

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