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Why I Changed My Title To Chief ChatGPT Officer

  • Alyx 

Disclaimer: this post is (partially) satire. Also, regrettably, ChatGPT was at capacity when I wrote this post, so I had to write it myself.

ChatGPT. The AI that we’ve been hearing about – and, for most of us, using – nonstop. It can fix your code, write your press releases, basically everything but walk your dog. The ChatGPT thinkpiece factory is running nonstop. Everyone, in every industry, is looking for ways to incorporate it into their business workflows, and, in the case of the API, maybe even into their actual products. Game-changer. Maybe not as much of a game-changer as indoor plumbing, but a game-changer nonetheless.

But – who’s gonna be in charge of driving all that ChatGPT goodness at most organizations? Will it be the chief marketing officer, who sees how many of the mundane tasks of their department can be handled by AI? The chief technology officer, who can drive its implementation in the back office and in the product? The chief customer officer, who sees the potential for infinite CX improvement? Or – wait for it – how about someone who literally has ChatGPT in their DNA? The person for whom prompt engineering is both an art and science yet comes naturally?

One of the best things about being part of a startup is that you can pivot very quickly, and often have a lot of latitude to define your own role. This is even more true when you’re a founder or a co-founder, so when my friend Tobias Goebel (who is also on the large language model hype train) made a post on LinkedIn inquiring as to how long it would be until we saw a “Chief ChatGPT Officer,” naturally… I took the bait and changed my title.

I mean, I am the default person at our org that everyone comes to with ChatGPT questions and prompt engineering pro-tips, so I might as well own this. If you need someone to advise you on how to use ChatGPT to find a bug in your code, revise your business plan, determine your total addressable market, crank out content, or use the API to mine insights out of a mess of proprietary data, I’m your girl. So yes, I, as Chief ChatGPT Officer, welcome our robot overlords. Hopefully you do too, because we are probably still early in this hype cycle.

If you’ve got ChatGPT questions… as a Chief ChatGPT Officer, I’ve got answers, clearly. So, feel free to ask, if you haven’t asked ChatGPT about it already.

– Alyx
Chief ChatGPT Officer
Refinery Lab