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Co-operational ecosystem resolves the local digital marketing clash between HQ and stores

  • Alyx 
Mobilosoft, the innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed to centralise local digital marketing is expanding its my.mobilosoft platform to Australia and New Zealand after a successful trial.

My.mobilosoft is designed specifically for retailers with franchisees or independent store owners under a brand umbrella so that key operational functions, namely reputation management and presence management, can be performed efficiently and effectively via a central ecosystem.

Mobilosoft CEO, Georges-Alexandre Hanin, says the ecosystem is co-operated by brands and local franchisees (or store owners / store managers) eliminating a common pain point for businesses with multiple locations in multiple areas.

“We see business models like this struggle with local digital marketing around the world,” says Mr. Hanin.

“It comes with the fact that over the last two years franchisees have been more advanced than brands on local digital marketing, meaning that they have created their local pages on Google, Facebook, and even a local website. And these pages do not always respect brand guidelines. We also see franchisees and brands competing on local Ads buying (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) resulting in higher acquisition costs for both”.

In a market that is characterised by an increasing use of digital, consumers are demanding an enhanced web-to-store experience. The my.mobilosoft platform and related tools are extremely well adapted to the “new normal” where COVID has meant adjusted store hours across states and suburbs, as well as unexpected stock shortages, are a daily challenge for retailers.

In Australia, meeting customer expectation requires store management teams to maintain numerous platforms like their Google My Business listings and reviews, Facebook pages, and their own store locator. Mobilosoft makes it possible to manage all of these with a single tool.

“Mobilosoft allows brands to seamlessly maximise the visibility of local Search,” adds Hanin.

“With more than 50 per cent of all searches made on a smartphone on Google being local searches, stores need to be visible in the first three results and soon in the first result (as voice search is increasing).

“When properly managed a page location can dramatically increase on-line presence and drive more traffic inside stores. As it is more and more complex to manage and takes a lot of time, a local digital marketing platform is more than ever necessary to outperform the competition,” says Hanin.

Australia’s leading auction marketplace, Pickles, has been using my.mobilosoft to manage its 30-location network of used vehicle sales outlets.

“Mobilosoft has helped us manage all our branch presence information on a single platform and improved our local SEO rankings,” says Pickles Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Maclennan.

Aside from managing location data, Pickles has utilised the platform to push out campaigns to its network and to manage incoming reviews, ensuring head office and the branches are accountable for the management of Pickles’ reputation.

This approach endorses Hanin’s view that brands should stop doing local digital marketing from the head office.

“Retailers and service providers should create a performing ecosystem where they can support local store managers (franchisees) doing their local digital marketing themselves.

“Brands know about digital marketing and brand guidelines, local knows about local sales plan and promotions. Brands should provide content templates and local should activate according to what happens locally,” adds Hanin.

To facilitate their regional expansion, Mobilosoft has formed a strategic alliance with Refinery Lab PTY LTD, a marketing advisory firm that assists in the design and deployment of the Mobilosoft solution for Australian customers. Learn more about our Mobilosoft location marketing offerings.