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What Are “Zero Click Searches” and How Do They Impact Stores?

  • Alyx 

You may or may not have already heard the phrase “zero click” in reference to Google Searches. It’s a reference to the evolution of Google search results – which have grown from the early days of straightforward organic rankings, to ad-heavy results, to results extensively integrated with other Google services like Shopping, to where we are now, when snippets and maps try to answer questions without ever sending the searcher to a third-party website. Zero clicks outside of the Google ecosystem.

For retailers, “zero click” means someone searching for directions or store hours for one of your locations may never see your website, so the information built into your site with structured data and that you’ve presented on your Google My Business page is paramount to ensure they can find you, get information on your store hours, inventory and menu offerings and get directions (from Google Maps, naturally). 

We’ve worked with retailers across the US and Australia and we know if you manage multiple locations, keeping all of this information in good order can be a mess. Fortunately, some great tools exist that can help you manage all of your locations efficiently, from changes in opening hours to specials, inventory, menus and more. We’ve compiled an eBook that explains the “zero click” search climate and how you can optimize – get it here.