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A New Decade – New Trends in Real Estate

  • Gina 

A brand-new decade is here and changes in the housing market are becoming apparent: there is a shift in where people want to live.

People are deciding that working themselves to the bones is not worth it in some of the nation’s biggest cities. People are looking for a place to kick back and enjoy their lives a bit more. created a forecast of the top markets to watch in 2020. 

For 2020, market growth is forecasted in the mostly medium-size metros in the South and inland West. These economies are secondary markets where the job market is good and housing is affordable. And they have many appealing features, such as walkable downtowns, that are a key draw for the younger generations. Combining those features with high affordability not found in larger cities, many first-time home-buying millennials and boomers are looking for the perfect place in these markets. 

Nationwide, sales are expected to slow by 1.8%, but these top 10 markets are predicted to see a 2.4% increase. 

For realtors in these projected huge growth markets, it’s important to ramp up your marketing tactics and target the right audience of eager buyers who will snap up your properties quickly. Using social media like Facebook can help you showcase properties to these potential buyers.