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Telco Expense Management

Control Complexity and Achieve Cost Savings

The complexity of a full portfolio of telecom services – including data networks, Internet access, wireless services and more – presents a significant challenge when managing multiple vendors, procuring services, and negotiating contracts. For ANZ clients, we develop exclusive strategies based on unique insights, knowledge of government regulation and market analysis to deliver the best “market price” for your business. Our audits help you understand your expenses across all aspects of telecommunications expenses and lifecycle management, providing you with the transparency you need to take control.

Our team works with you to complete a detailed review of your existing services, assessing how well they align to your needs, identifying obsolete or redundant services and providing recommendations to get your overall spend under control. We deliver independent, professional advice and support to help you save money, time and resources.

We’re with you every step of the way. As soon as we audit your services we will deliver a unique, relevant and accurate report based on your needs. Once you authorise us, we will identify your spend profile and assess if you are billed correctly. We will aim to lower your “Total cost of ownership” by focusing on incorrect allocations and identify services that have been either underutilised, misused or used excessively. If required, will act on your behalf and help you negotiate the best possible rates for your business.

We’ll help you get started with a comprehensive audit and recommend ways you can optimise or consolidate services:

  • Audit, benchmarking and Recommendations
  • Utilisation reporting and Billing analysis
  • Better negotiated rates and overall cost savings
  • Service management and procurement
  • Contract review

Ready to see how much you can save?