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Real Estate Marketing

Easily Promote Your Listings on Social Media

Location, location, location. The adage in real estate applies not just to your properties, but also to where you market them. In NAR’s 2019 report on Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends, they found for all age groups, the most common first step taken in the homebuying process was to search online for properties. Overall, 93% of buyers looked at homes online at some point in the process.

Your listings are already online in the MLS, but for maximum reach, it is important to find creative ways to get the attention of these potential buyers online. For most people, a substantial amount of their online time is spent on social media, and by leveraging social advertising, your listings’ stunning curb appeal will stand out in their feed – driving listing views, shares and showings for these potential buyers.

Agents know they need to look for innovative approaches, and in another recent NAR study nearly half of real estate firms cited keeping up with technology as one of the biggest challenges facing their firm in the next two years. In the same study, social media scored as the highest of the top three tech tools that have given the highest quality of leads. ListingLogic simplifies the process by automating workflows to get in front of the right potential clients on social media.

Advantages of leveraging an automated platform for social media promotion of your listings include:

  • Deliver cost-effective results when marketing homes for your clients
    Build visibility for yourself and your listings
  • Position yourself and your office for future success by building custom audiences for future remarketing
  • Save time with automation – spend less time on repetitive ad setup
  • Appeal to prospective sellers by building their confidence that their home will be effectively and strategically marketed on digital channels they are already familiar with

For example, in a recent campaign targeting potential buyers for a large home in suburban Denver, a Facebook campaign drove almost 10,000 unique views for a single listing – with a clickthrough rate approaching 17% and 2,783 social actions such as likes or shares.

Ready to leverage social media to promote your listings to more prospective buyers?