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medical device and uv disinfection marketing

Messaging, Positioning and Marketing In the Healthcare Regulatory Framework

From everyday healthcare challenges to global pandemics like Ebola and COVID-19, Refinery Lab has worked with medical device startups to increase the awareness of their solutions, navigate complex organizations and lengthy sales cycles, grow their sales and further their ultimate goal of making healthcare environments safer for patients and practitioners. 

To kickstart your growth, our team works with you to complete a detailed review of your existing product offerings, current market, messaging, positioning, advertising and reach on digital channels and social media. Next, we provide a comprehensive strategy to reach your revenue goals and ensure continued growth. 

We’ve helped medical device and UV disinfection companies go from zero revenue to multi-million-dollar yearly sales, in obtaining series A, B, C, D and E funding, in partnership and distribution deals for global reach, and in expanding from a niche healthcare product to being nearly a household name used widely by professional sports teams, hotels and more. How much can your company grow?

Get started with a comprehensive audit and recommendations on how you can improve your marketing efforts:

  • Digital presence management including your website and social media channels
  • Expansion into new markets and verticals
  • Account-based marketing and account nurturing strategies
  • Customer experience management and strategies that drive renewals and usage
  • Media and public relations strategy

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