Surveys and NPS

Measure What Drives Customer and Employee Satisfaction

How do you ensure employee satisfaction, and keep customers for life? Internal and external surveys are important ways to measure employee engagement and customer satisfaction, to identify pain points and resolve issues that can lead to customer or employee attrition.

Raving fans: from customers to promoters

The quality of “customer experience” (CX) as a whole can be complex to measure. Many companies look at metrics like customer retention and repeat purchases to determine if they are delivering a high-quality customer experience.

Techniques like NPS – measuring your Net Promoter Score – can easily measure customer satisfaction at any stage in the customer lifecycle, from pre- or post-purchase to service and maintenance experiences and more. The NPS scale sets a high bar for the customer experience, to identify which customers give low ratings and thus might be detractors, which are neutral and which are enthusiastic enough about your company to eagerly promote your products and services to others. NPS measures in the aggregate assist in assessing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty, while NPS measures for a specific type of transaction can easily identify pain points for improvement.

Many companies also find that among these promoters, they can identify eager reference customers who are willing to provide quotes, proof points and case studies. A well-designed survey can enable the identification of these customers, collection of quotes and data points and more.

Employee enthusiasm: Engage and retain

Measuring employee engagement is just as important as measuring customer engagement. Your employees interact daily with your customers and have a direct impact on the customer experience. Engaged, enthusiastic employees more readily deliver high-quality customer service and feel empowered to solve problems, innovate and make a positive impact. They are also substantially easier to retain versus disengaged, dissatisfied staff. Human resources departments rely on NPS-style and freeform surveys to identify departments, teams and individuals who need additional resources or training to become more engaged and empowered in their roles. Ready to discuss ways to use surveys and NPS to assess and improve your CX, customer loyalty and employee engagement? Contact us to learn how we can help your business

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