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case study - XY RETAIL

B2B SaaS Awareness and Account-Based Marketing

XY Retail, a startup in the SaaS software space, came to us for assistance in achieving overall market awareness as well as penetration into key accounts in the US and abroad. The company had already achieved product-market fit and after receiving a seed round of funding, had set high growth goals globally.


Client Need: Awareness In Overall Market and With Key Accounts

As a startup in a market dominated by well-known brands like Oracle, XY Retail needed a strategy to generate overall awareness and establish itself as a disruptive, cutting-edge solution in a market dominated by legacy solutions, as well as an account-based marketing strategy to target key accounts.






Our Approach: Content, Partnerships and Campaigns

To help XY grow, they needed awareness driven by content, robust technology and implementation partners, and focused lead generation. Our content strategy focused on byline placement, press coverage, press releases, awards, and blogs in English and Italian. We were also successful in launching nine partnerships, with well-connected implementation specialists like BinHexS and globally known payment partners like Adyen. To ensure we reached the right people, we focused our ABM efforts on LinkedIn campaigns targeting the top 100 target prospects by company and title, supported by remarketing campaigns. These campaigns were able to reach 100% of the targeted companies and initiate sales conversations with C-level decisionmakers. 

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