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Future-proofing Your SERPs in the Age of SGEs

  • Alyx 

The search landscape is constantly evolving, and search engines are increasingly incorporating AI-powered Search Generative Experiences (SGEs). To maintain visibility, businesses which rely on local search need to adapt their strategies to ensure they remain visible and competitive in search results.

Here’s how the changing SERP landscape impacts businesses reliant on local search:

  1. From Rich Snippets to SGEs: Today’s SERPs are evolving from rich snippets to dynamic results with SGEs, that may include images, videos, social mentions, and more. These dynamic snippets provide users with comprehensive answers and information directly within the search results, often decreasing the need to click through to individual websites.
  2. Zero-Click Searches: With SGEs offering increasingly detailed responses, the already significant trend of zero-click searches is expected to rise. This means  businesses need to be present and engaging within the SERPs themselves, not just relying on traditional website traffic.
  3. Need for Visual Optimization: SGEs are heavily reliant on visual content. This means businesses need to invest in high-quality, optimized images and videos for their business listings that showcase their products, services, and overall brand. 
  4. Importance of Entity-Focused Content: SGEs rely on understanding entities and their relationships to provide accurate and relevant information. Businesses need to optimize their locations’ content around relevant entities, such as location, product and service names, industry keywords and more.
  5. Local Listings and Schema Markup: To ensure your business is included in SGEs, having accurate and up-to-date local listings on platforms like Google Maps is crucial. Additionally, implementing schema markup/structured data on your website provides valuable information that helps SGEs understand your business and its offerings.

Businesses with a reliance on local search must adapt their SEO strategies to thrive in the age of SGEs. This primarily means an emphasis on entity-focused content and ensuring local listings and schema markup are up to date. By taking these steps, local businesses can position themselves for success in the evolving search landscape and remain visible to potential customers.

In today’s dynamic digital environment, proactivity is key. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing the changes in search technology, businesses that rely on local search can ensure they continue to reach their target audiences and achieve their desired results. Fortunately, many tools exist that can make it easy for businesses to manage their locations, no matter how many locations they have. Our partners at Mobilosoft and Locafy excel in optimizing listings and local presences to increase visibility in SGEs. Contact us to learn more.