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Twitter’s Edit Button Will Be a Relief For Brands

  • Alyx 

It’s finally happened. Twitter is implementing an “edit” button, a feature that users have been calling for ever since Twitter came into existence, basically.

The feature is currently in testing, and will be made available to paid (“Twitter Blue”) users later this month:

Later this month, access will be granted to Twitter Blue users, who pay $5 per month to remove in-feed ads and undo a tweet that you might want to change before it’s seen by everyone. The company added that the test will be localized to a single country, and will expand worldwide slowly so that the company can make sure the feature is being used as intended.

Twitter will save a change history, to resolve the obvious problems that could be caused with malicious changes to a Tweet that people have retweeted or responded to.

Many of the brands we work with have asked us if paying for Twitter Blue was worth it, and the incentives before were less compelling. But now, for brands, paying for the edit abilities is a clear win. No more struggling with the decision on whether or not to delete that Tweet that posted with the wrong URL parameter, an image preview that didn’t work or a minor typo that someone didn’t catch – just edit it and carry on with the rest of your day.

Are you excited for this change on either a personal or professional level? Let us know in the comments.