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President Biden Recommends a Google “Near Me” Search

  • Alyx 

One of the fastest ways to find a product or service near you – the Google “near me” search – received a massive endorsement of sorts from the President of the United States yesterday, with regard to helping Americans find accessible COVID-19 testing:

“Google “COVID test near me” — go there. Google — excuse me — “COVID test near me” on Google to find the nearest site where you can get a test most often and free.”

We’ve written many times about the importance of the “near me” search in your local marketing strategy, including for businesses that are currently facing challenges with staffing due to the Omicron variant or supply chain and the importance of being able to easily update your local business listings with correct hours and offerings.

And now – if there was anyone in the US who hadn’t heard of the “near me” search before – the President himself has made them aware that it’s a great way to find things. Especially when you want real-time availability.

Want to learn how to make sure your business comes up in Google “near me” searches for the products and services you offer? Contact us to learn more.