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Google Business Profile – The Evolution of Google My Business

By now, you may have heard that Google My Business (GMB) has been rebranded as Google Business Profile (GBP). This is the fifth official name change to Google’s local digital business management platform:

If you’re a business owner, you probably have questions about what will change, what will stay the same, and how you will manage your business presence. You’ve probably also been through these changes before with your business listing and with the many changes that have been made to Google Maps over the years as well. Here’s what we’ve heard will change:

  • Google is eliminating their GMB app – you’ll need to update GBP from a browser. The app has always had limited functionality, and this also will help with integration across Google’s vast ecosystem, including maps and ads. 
  • With this cross-functionality, you’ll also be able to edit your business information simply by searching the name of the business and editing the listing directly, as long as you’re logged into the corresponding Google account in your browser. 
  • There will also be updates to the user interface, like streamlining processes and making analytics more accessible. There are also improvements for businesses with multiple locations. 
  • The user interface is very likely to change. Business managers may have a tough time finding where to do all the things they normally would. 

The original focus of Google’s business listing offerings was to give small and local businesses a platform to provide and share their information. As Google’s role in search has come to dominate consumer behavior, Google business listings have become critical for large businesses to maintain as well. This is likely to be a driving factor behind Google’s decision to rebrand as Google Business Profile and add additional functionality for multi-location, larger businesses. 

These platform changes can be challenging to keep up with, and many businesses may be more comfortable with a tool that standardizes their location management across Google Maps, Google Business Profile, and non-Google products like Facebook, Apple Maps and more. Contact us today to learn how to optimize your presence on Google Maps and your Google Business Profile.