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Celebrating the Launch Of InclusiCheck – On-Demand DEI Review For Marketing Initiatives

  • Alyx 

multicultural team working at tableOur marketing work crosses companies of all sizes and in widely varying industries. This presents us with numerous opportunities to uncover common needs that aren’t currently being addressed. While many companies have made a commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, which includes diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at its core, these practices have often only been internalized in certain departments, like human resources and hiring, or environmentally-conscious product development.

We found that the marketing departments we worked with generally received little to no internal guidance or feedback on overarching ESG or DEI principles before their campaigns were launched. Particularly in the last year, we found our team providing informal review for marketing campaigns and internal initiatives for our clients, to ensure that the content was inclusive and would be well-received by everyone.

That’s why Refinery Lab co-founder Alyx Kaczuwka and strategist Azan Dhanani have now founded InclusiCheck, to provide on-demand access to panels containing a cross-section of diverse consumers and DEI-certified professionals. These panels perform a DEI review of the content of your brand’s communications – including internal initiatives and any or all components of your external advertising campaigns like social media posts, videos, commercials, billboards, contests and digital ads. InclusiCheck provides a comprehensive scorecard on multiple dimensions, like gender, sexuality, race, culture, socio-economic status, accessibility and more – giving an overall score and actionable, concrete feedback when your initiative can be made more inclusive.


Azan and Alyx are excited to continue doing this important work for Refinery Lab’s current clients as well as now expanding the ability to offer this service to more companies so that they can appropriately message their commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion in all of their internal and external campaigns. To learn more about InclusiCheck, visit the website at