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What We’ve Learned From Luxe Listings Sydney: Finding Real Estate Buyers (and Sellers)

  • Alyx 

Amazon, already a retail giant, has been investing significantly in their original digital content in order to gain a bigger foothold in the streaming video market. One of their new original shows, Luxe Listings Sydney, focuses on several high-end agents in the real estate market in Sydney, Australia. The show has been popular (who doesn’t want to look at jaw-dropping oceanfront homes?) and just got renewed for a second season. For me, the show also has been a great way to revisit many of the fabulous locations in Sydney, like Bondi, that I’ve been missing over the last year and a half while I can’t visit my Australian clients in person.

You can see a trailer for the show here:

The client/agent interactions on Luxe Listings Sydney illustrate the importance of personalized customer experience – showing the right house to the right person at the right time. One particularly memorable client on the show was very vocal that she was not a fan of the modernist homes so common at high-end price points in Sydney, no matter how dramatic the sweeping coastal views were that their glass walls provided. Her preferences leaned toward the traditional, and ultimately, the agent matched her to a home that very closely resembled a castle – which made perfect sense when the furniture she was planning to ship to Sydney included a suit of armor. She wanted a palace, and didn’t care about a jetty.

In addition to the important personalization element that needs to be taken into consideration at all price points in the real estate market, many of the concerns you see in the show, like buyers who can’t visit homes in person, are still broadly common. For example, many homes in the US in areas like Florida are selling to out-of-state buyers who have never physically toured them. While they may not be in search of a castle with a moat, buyers may be looking in a specific area for homes with large lots, pools, boat ramps and other specific features.

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