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“Hype Cycle” For Emerging Quarantines

  • Alyx 

Do you see yourself in this paradigm?

This parody of the popular “Hype Cycle” was floating around the Refinery Lab Slack. It seems to put Tax Day 2021 firmly on the plateau of productivity (and it does feel like the end of the pandemic is in sight), but looking back at the phases of expectations, disillusionment and enlightenment, how much of yourself can you see in this chart?

I fondly remember the joy of successfully stocking up on toilet paper early on in the quarantine days, and can confirm that more than one Peloton was purchased by Refinery Lab members. I also painted a wall black as part of a home improvement project, though I’m uncertain that I or anyone else on the team joined the legion of Instagram bread-makers in the “learn to cook” phase of the slope of enlightenment. And while we have yet to return to the office, we do have regular in-person meetings now, requiring a shower and pants.