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[Case Study] Eurotyre increases its Google My Business activation by 92%

Eurotyre Discovers Google’s Product Catalog Functionality

We spoke to Maxime Chatillon, Eurotyre Marketing Manager, about the results following an improvement in the referencing of their Google My Business listings. Mobilosoft offered Eurotyre the opportunity to take advantage of the new GMB “product catalog” feature. 29 products were selected to test their effectiveness. The objective was to increase the visibility and the number of activations of the network’s Google My Business listings. 

After 8 months of testing, the results are conclusive. The visibility of products has increased by 28% and the number of activations has drastically increased by 92%!

Many advantages of this feature have been identified:

  • Clear and structured presentation of the products offered
  • Simplification of customer research
  • Simplification of the purchasing process with clear CTAs (call to action)
  • Increase in online and offline traffic
  • Increase in forwarding sales
Today, the product catalog has real relevance. First, it enriches the product listing and enhances the location in relation to its specific activity. Second, it helps with SEO and generates a lot more signs of interest, which translates into in-store traffic.
– Maxime Chatillon, Eurotyre Marketing Officer

Maxime Chatillon tells us a little more about the collaboration between Eurotyre and Mobilosoft:

We are fully satisfied with the collaboration with Mobilosoft. 
At Eurotyre, we need a specialist provider in their field and we appreciate the operational support that is provided. The teams are extremely responsive and respond quickly. During the implementation, Mobilosoft was by our side and supported us in terms of visibility with advice on all the new features released by Google. This allowed us to be extremely responsive on SEO and customer communication.
Our agencies are satisfied with the service and support provided by Mobilosoft. The collaboration with Mobilosoft has helped us maintain our visibility with our customers.
– Maxime Chatillon, Eurotyre Marketing Officer

At Mobilosoft we are delighted to have been able to advise our clients in the best possible way and to improve their results, especially during this period, which was difficult for most retail networks. Indeed, the management of GMB files has been difficult due to the many changes caused by the pandemic. The customer communication was essential. This is why we have put everything in place to support our customers in improving their digital visibility. 

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