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The market is HOT – are you doing everything you can to reach potential sellers?

  • Gina 

Media home sale prices have increased 13% from 2019 to $319,178. Active listings fell 28% from 2019 to the all-time low and almost half of the home listed on the market are accepting offers within two weeks on the market. 

As we have heard from many real estate brokers and agents, it’s not the issue of finding buyers, it’s the limited access to sellers. Door to door is not feasible given the pandemic to inform homeowners of their real estate selling potential and tech is the way to go to engage these prospects. But how do you attract on-the-edge homeowners to sell their home? Data, metrics and social media are more important than ever, especially given current circumstances to help reach people and ListingLogic has the answer to getting all of these items under one, easy to use platform. We help realtors use social media to list their properties using a virtual showroom in which the REALTORs are able to communicate with potential buyers and sellers, all through Facebook and Instagram. It’s a cloud-based, programmatic ad tech platform to deliver cost-effective results with automation on Facebook. 

Need some more convincing? Reach out to us today and let us walk you through a plan to increase your buyer and seller leads in a painless and highly-effective way.