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Job Listing SEO: Google Adds Markup Type For Work-From-Anywhere Jobs

  • Alyx 

Our company, and many of our clients, have transitioned their teams to primarily or fully working from home due to COVID-19. For many companies, this work-from-home flexibility will be a long-term shift.

Google has made some changes to make it easier for job seekers to find positions that are remote. You can now add markup to your job listings to indicate a position allows work from anywhere. From Google’s recent announcement:

In response to this, we encourage you to annotate all remote jobs by specifying jobLocationType: "TELECOMMUTE" in any job postings that allow for 100% remote work. Implementing this markup can expose a “work from home” tag next to that job posting, to improve visibility for interested job seekers.

Learn more about markup for job postings, an important part of ensuring your job listings rank highly, here.

This is just one small change a major company has made to facilitate the “new normal,” which is heavily reliant on remote work. What other changes would you like to see made by the large tech companies whose services we use daily?