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Increasing your blog’s traffic (and in turn, your business)

  • Gina 

You’ve written a masterpiece and now it’s time to share with the world. Here are a few easy steps for you to increase your traffic, search engine optimization, and readers:

SEO & Keyword Integration:

A little bit of keyword research can go a long way to help improve your search engine ranking and traffic. Once you have identified popular search terms related to your blog post, revise your post title, content, meta descriptions, and tags with those terms and phrases. 


Instead of individually posting your blog to multiple sites like your website and social media, if you’re using a popular platform like WordPress, it’s easy to use a RSS feed plug-in to automatically publish your blog to all sites. It’s a one-time setup and effectively easy to cover all of your bases to increase readers and traffic to the pages. If that isn’t as much your thing, you can look to invest in publishing tools like SproutSocial to push content to your social media feed. 


Utilize a URL shortener and add click-through tracking so you know where your people are coming from. Yes, that simple. Many social media sites have a pop-up to ask whether you want to shorten your URLs. If that is not the case, you can use URL shortening sites like to do the same.

Tailor Your Headline:

Tailor your post headline for each social media community and be mindful of their character limits. It’s imperative to get your readers’ attention and depending on the conversation on each social media platform, a different headline may be the best approach to increasing traffic. 


Ask other bloggers, companies you have ties to, collaborations, and staff to share the blog on their personal LinkedIn accounts or other means of social media. Building relationships with other bloggers and tech savvy individuals can help expand your reach. Make sure to reciprocate! 

Just some baby steps like these can make a world of difference when it comes to increasing your reach and building up your business. If you’d like to discuss additional ways to jumpstarts your business, reach out to us!