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Marketing Advice Everyone Should Follow

  • Gina 

You may think marketing is straightforward: Create some content, upload it to the proper channels, and hope it works. But that doesn’t guarantee results. What sets your marketing strategy apart is measuring what works, and changing what doesn’t. Here are a few common stumbling blocks:

  1. Your content needs to rank. Organic keywords are very important in your google ranking. You’ll need to understand what your target audience is searching for, what your keywords are, your competition, and how saturated the market is, and optimize your campaigns with an effective SEO strategy. 
  2. Thinking about some new ideas? Not sure if it will work the way you think it may? Do some customer research. When we do jumpstarts (we literally look at your business as a whole, what your competitors are doing, and how everyone is ranked before making specific recommendations on how to jumpstart your business – usually takes about 4-6 weeks from start to completion with recommendations) we like to create specific interview questions and speak directly with past, present, and lost prospects before we recommend implementation and recommendations of new ideas. Research is vital to make the best decisions.
  3. When implementing new ideas, it is best to test those changes one at a time. If you try to do too many at once, it can negatively affect the customer experience and in turn, lose your company money. Additionally, make sure to test everything – including links and content before allowing the changes to go live. At Refinery Lab, one of the first things we advise clients to do with their website is to put development and staging sites in place so they have a way to test changes before they go live. This ensures a seamless transition. 
  4. It’s important to be in touch with what is going on with the world. When COVID-19 came, our chief strategists sat down and created client specific plans to help our clients market their product in a way that was sensitive to the widespread issue at hand but also to keep the products in front of potential and existing clients. It is crucial to prioritize projects based on the impact. 
  5. This may be one of the most important lessons you’ll take away: set realistic goals and expectations. We set goals for our lives, for our businesses, and even for others. In order to attain the goals, they should be clear, well-defined, and realistic. When these steps are in place, it is easier to track and keep your team accountable within the specific timeframe. 

We have a few more ideas up on sleeve. Want to discuss? Contact us today about how Refinery Lab can help transform your company!