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Do you have a solid social media plan? If not, create one asap!

  • Gina 

Social media marketing is a great way to drive awareness of your brand. The most common platforms that businesses use are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with others – generally those on the business-to-consumer side – extending their reach to platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat and even TikTok. When you create content for social media, it should be exclusive to your brand; perfectly tailored, engaging, and help boost conversion and increase your brand awareness. 

Here are some ways to create a kickin’ social media plan:

Source: Hootsuite

Before you create content, learn your audience. You’re creating content for your brand and the people you want using your brand. You need to think about their age, average income, interests, and what gets them excited. The more engaging content, the more clicks, shares, and followers you’ll receive – helping you make more money.

Some businesses will consider their plan done once the content is posted – but for long-term success it’s important to measure, measure, measure! You need to know what is working and what is not, so you can drive your long-term strategy. Tracking content metrics like reach and conversions is vital. Especially during this pandemic, we are all watching what we spend and how we spend it. We were careful before, but it’s even more important now. Analytics can provide insights that could potentially lower your cost per referral. 

Stay organized. Create a social media content calendar. A simple excel spreadsheet could work – for example, I like to color code by social media content calendars. I write out the content piece’s name, who is in charge of creating it, which social media accounts it gets posted to, and when it is scheduled to go out. Internally, we use a scheduling tool to help manage our different accounts and choose the best time to get eyeballs to look at our content.

It’s best to post pictures and videos, try not to post wordy things – and always re-evaluate. 

Not sure where to start? Three words: social. media. audit. We can help you with that. We look at your audience, the competition, their audience, which networks they target, which ones you don’t, whether you have a strong brand presence and what key words help differentiate your brand.

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