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AI In the Age Of Social Distancing: MoonMate

  • Alyx 

There are several brands that have become much-loved on social media for their quirky personalities, especially on Twitter. One of these is MoonPie (if you’re not following them already, you’re missing out).

Recently, the brand has decided to extend itself into another channel, launching the MoonMate app for the Amazon Alexa platform, and coming soon to Google Home. Inspired by a Mayo Clinic article about the benefits of laughter on immunity, anxiety and general health, the brand saw an opportunity to bring their high fan engagement to an even more interactive channel, creating a MoonPie AI with the personality you’d expect – it gets easily distracted, and happily blames its flaws on its coders.

Developing an AI during a pandemic might sound challenging, but MoonPie and their developers at creative agency Tombras used hundreds of Zoom sessions with MoonPie employees to refine the AI before launch. The result is a very fun brand extension that inspires consumers to engage, even when they might not be visiting the store to buy MoonPies.

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