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Is your marketing activity driving results?

  • Aqil 

We see advertising wherever we go (even though we’re not going far, these days). But how do we know it works? If a customer buys out and buys a product, we know that’s a success. But how often does someone drop everything they’re doing and order a pizza just because they saw a gooey, cheesy commercial? There are levels of “success” when it comes to advertising: all the way from repeat purchases to tiny inklings in the back of your mind that may drive an impulse buy. In digital advertising, some measures of success can include:

  • Impressions: how many people saw your advertisement?
  • Engagement: how many people interacted with your ad? This can include liking it on social media or simply clicking to learn more.
  • Conversion: how many people did the thing your ad wanted them to do?

Once you have your success goals defined, you can measure them. Tracking impressions, engagements, and conversions are the standard on any online marketing platform. Facebook, for example, shows you these numbers for everything you post, whether it’s a paid advertisement or not.

Here at Refinery Lab, we use a number of tools to not only track these measurements of success but also the steps in between them. Using our Mobilosoft platform, our clients with physical locations can see who is getting directions to their locations; that’s a step in between “engagement” and “conversion” that is often difficult to track. For some of our clients, we see how their customer interacts with landing pages. This is another step in between “engagement” and “conversion” and we can see exactly where customers are getting stuck and implement a fix exactly where it’s needed.


That’s what we do here at Refinery Lab, we take an experimental approach to marketing. With years of experience in marketing and customer service under our digital utility belts, we’re able to find those moments of marketing success (or failure) in between the lines. All data is good data. And since we can see what’s going on in between the fence posts of traditional measurement, we’re able to implement change and experiment on a detailed level to make sure your marketing strategies are working for you and for your customers.

Refinery Lab is offering a Marketing Jumpstart to define your marketing goals and help you find those moments between the lines. Contact us to get started today!