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How to stay ahead in a “Zero-Click” and contactless world.

  • Azan 

By now, you are probably familiar with “Zero-Click” searches – whether you read our previous blog on the subject, or you use Google on a regular basis and have had a zero click experience for yourself. As a business, your challenge is to make sure you cut through the noise and become the Zero-Click result that Google delivers. 

Customers are looking for information quickly. Things like your hours, locations, phone numbers and websites should be easy to find and not buried in search results. Try typing in “Amazon Customer Service Phone Number” into Google – do you see the Zero-Click result?

Or try something more content-related, like “how much does a dishwasher cost” and you see a result from Angies’ List. It immediately answers the question – so those with casual curiosity may not need to click at all. But, for a more serious shopper, the information is included in an article that gives the audience many links to different products, where they can buy now. 

If you aren’t as easy to find as Amazon or Angies’ List, there are a lot of things you can do to stay in front of your current customers and ensure you are continuing to attract new ones. From Google My Business, to your website/SEO to social media profiles and promotions, the digital marketing space is a tough one to navigate. What efforts will actually bring customers to your doors, to your takeout windows or to your curbside delivery spots?

Partnering with Mobilosoft, we have been able to help our customers dominate local search and get their businesses in front of more people, using things like Zero-Click and Location-specific results. These tactics get more people calling your business, going to your website, placing orders for take out or curbside pick-up, and more old-fashioned foot traffic. In a world where people are looking for new ways to make purchases (either contactless or with reduced contact) – make sure you and your business are front and center, giving your customers the answers they are looking for.