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How COVID-19 Changes How We Market Homes Online

  • Gina 

This should be the prime selling/renting season, with the school year ending and houses are being listed, shown and sold quickly. Unfortunately, due to the unique new realities we face with COVID-19 and social distancing, showing these houses you have listed is a struggle. 

Online listing websites like Redfin and Zillow are taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus by temporarily halting both in-person home tours and selling consultations; instead, they have moved to video chat tours for homes that buyers may be interested in. Your brokerage may be leveraging something similar, or you may be offering FaceTime tours. It’s a hurdle, but one that technology has overcome.

But, what about getting to that ideal buyer, seller or renter? Since so many people are working from home or being asked to stay at home except for essential business, they are glued to their smart devices. This, naturally, includes their social media. Globally, there are 2.45 billion monthly active users according to a study done by Facebook in 2019. By getting their attention for just a fraction of their screen time, you can open front doors to a new set of clientele. 

We use a cloud-based, programmatic ad tech platform to deliver cost-effective results with automation on Facebook. It’s called ListingLogic and has had widespread success in Australia. Currently, it’s making a name for itself in the US. Wendy Shea, a Colorado-based Real Estate Broker, recently ran a trial on Facebook with us – and in just one week, she garnered over 13,000 views with over 7,000 social actions from just a video tour of the home. Her click-through for a single image Ad was 16.44% and had 24 leads. You can look at the reports here and here.

You do the virtual tour. ListingLogic is your virtual open house to reach potential buyers, sellers, and renters. Learn more!