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Google Maps and the Customer Journey

  • Aqil 

More and more, customers are turning to their Maps app for their pre-purchase research. What’s nearby? What’s on the way home? What’s open late or early? But if a store or a restaurant doesn’t have this information in their listing, it’s often going to be ignored by customers. With no menu, users won’t know what you have to offer. With no pictures, users won’t know how cozy your cafe is. And with the incorrect tags and labels, users won’t be able to find you at all.

Location Marketing: The Customer Journey from Refinery Lab on Vimeo.



Currently, Google offers Google My Business to manage your listing. But, if you have multiple locations, whether they’re in the same city or different continents, Google My Business just can’t keep up. Refinery Lab is offering a specialized tool to help you manage your locations worldwide, all in one place.


The first things your customer looks for in your listing are the Company Info and Hours. Not all businesses have regular hours. Small business especially may have irregular hours and many businesses have different hours on holidays or seasonally. With our Location Marketing tools, you can easily update your hours across locations, to make sure your customers know when they can visit you.

Whether you have one phone number for your company or local contact information at each location, our tools can help make sure that customers can reach out to you. Plus, our tools can track how many customers call or email you from your listing, and estimate how many people navigate to your physical location with Google Maps. With this information, you can cater to your audience directly.


For many businesses, the Maps listing is their first point of contact, and first impressions are key. With our Location Marketing tools, you can unite the branding and messaging across all your locations. While anyone can upload photos to your Google Maps listing or Facebook Business Page, our tool will make sure your photos appear first, and without the “Submitted by User” label that makes a business look unprofessional.


Online ratings and reviews are one of the best forms of “word-of-mouth-marketing”. By staying on top of your reviews and responding quickly, you can strengthen the relationship between you and your customers, and ensure that your company is represented accurately in these reviews that will be potentially read by thousands of potential customers. And your responses (especially to promptly resolve issues brought up in a bad review) can help get more customers interested in your business. With our location marketing tools, you can stay up to date on your reviews at all locations, through multiple platforms.