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Echo Auto: Alexa On Wheels

  • Alyx 

We recently attended a webinar presented by the Amazon Alexa team showcasing some of the development opportunities for Echo Auto. (Sidenote: the webinar was delivered via Twitch stream – loving the innovative choice of platform.) If you’re not familiar with Echo Auto, it’s the extension of Alexa voice search to do all the Alexa stuff you’re used to doing at home, now in your vehicle, like play music, get directions, place calls, and even make sure the lights are on when you arrive.

Some of these features are not necessarily innovative, like voice calling, but voice assistants like Alexa can make the process of placing calls seamless and help you keep your eyes on the road. More interesting to our team was the map-and-direction functionality – and how that can be added to your existing Alexa skills.

The built-in directions functionality will lead some consumers to your business. Companies that combine location with voice design within their own Alexa skills have the opportunity to increase this traffic.

Learn more in the Amazon webinar: using location in voice design.

How are you combining location and voice to promote visits to your business?